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Fact Sheet #1: Common Drowning Myths:

Television has a lot to answer for when it comes to how drowning is portrayed. Many deaths occur purely because those nearby THINK they know how to identify a drowning in progress - loud cries for help, arms thrashing in the water, clear signs of struggle etc - when in fact drowning does not look like that at all. It is a silent struggle and happens quickly, with no thrashing movements...

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The Western Cape Strategic Framework for Drowning Prevention and Water Safety

This has been developed to support the prioritisation of programmes that will help prevent drowning and promote water safety in the Western Cape.

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The SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) SANS 10134 states:

Every private swimming pool that can hold more than 30 cm of water should be surrounded by a child-proof fence and also be fitted with a safety net or a solid safety cover to prevent children drowning.  Such a net or cover  must be fitted by an “accredited responsible party.”

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