New recommended Safety Standards – what to look for in a safety cover

It is important for pool owners to understand that there are criteria that should be met by all pool safety devices / suppliers. When choosing a solid safety cover, below are the features one would look for against the SABS 10134 agreed and recommended Standard for pool safety.

  • When closed, the safety cover does not allow any object measuring 114mm in diameter to be forced under the cover / gain access to the water.
  • The cover’s fastenings / securing points must not be workable by a small child.
  • The cover must have a tensioning / locking system.
  • The cover must bear the weight of 220kg.
  • No water should pool on top of the cover. After rainfall or if garden sprinklers are used, the water must drain off unaided and the cover must be dry within 5 minutes.
  • The safety cover must be installed by an accredited / trained industry supplier.
  • The cover should form a complete barrier over the water.


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