A couple of years ago I worked in the chemical industry and there safety was the first consideration in many decisions. In fact, the company’s license to operate was dependant on doing business safely.

Why is it then, when operating within a home environment, similar stringent safety precautions are not expected? The pool industry needs to seriously consider safety around a pool. Pool builders need to lead first-time pool owners in terms of the hazards of owning a pool.

Parents need to understand and also have the dangers of having a pool pointed out to them.

All players need to take the necessary precautions.

As South Africans, we are conscious of children not strapped in safely when in cars, we are aware of the dangers around crime and violence in our streets with respect to children but still we leave our pools uncovered?

We at PowerPlastics Pool Covers would like to make pool owners and the industry aware of the dangers of drowning and encourage all to take up the opportunity to make our swimming pools safe to those who cannot swim.

It is for this reason that we wish to educate and inform people on their options, garner support, and prevent further tragedies.

It is indeed a historical time in the local pool industry. We welcome all commentators from the industry, local government, industry watchdogs and the public at large to get involved, discuss, debate (sensibly!) and elaborate on the various aspects around the issue of pool-related safety. If you have any hard facts and statistics, feel free to comment and share.

Is pool safety top of your list?

Caryn Formby, PowerPlastics Pool Covers

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  • This is such a valuable educational resource. Everyone should familiarise themselves with pool safety, whether you are a parent or not. Well done TopStep for tackling this sensitive topic. Virginia, Somerset West.

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