In Memory Of Reece Howes

23.6.1991 – 20.11.1993

My baby Reece drowned in our home swimming pool when he was just 2 years old.  I can still see his face so clearly.  Today he would have been 20 years old. I sit and ask myself so many questions – what would he have looked like? What would he have wanted to become in life?  There are just too many questions and no answers.  The drowning just took a few seconds, and then he was gone.  The pain of speaking about what happened is still too much for me to bear and still all these years later I struggle to put it in words.

I now have 3 sons and whenever I see a pool or small children walking or playing around a pool, it fills my body with fear.

If you are strong enough to talk about your loss too, please spread the word about the importance of protecting or covering your pool so that you too may help save a life.  My pain will never go away and no amount of sorrow will ever bring him back.  May he rest in peace.

Love always Reece, from your Mum.

Our heartfelt thanks to Reece’s mother for being brave enough to share her loss here on TopStep. R.I.P Reece.

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